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9 Best Desks For Small Spaces

9 Best Desks For Small Spaces

Through the transition of many people going from working in an office to remote work, small nooks and crannies of homes have had to transform into home offices! You might think that there couldn’t possibly be any room to put a desk in your cramped living quarters, but with the right desk, you can turn any space into a functional work area! 

There are thousands of desk options to choose from that will fit your needs. We talked to nine professionals, all working from home, to discover what desk helps them stay productive, even while working in their small spaces. Read on to hear their answers for desk inspiration! 

1. OneLessDesk

OneLessDesk is a beautiful, ergonomic, and space saving desk by Heckler Design. With it´s unique nesting design, you can hide the lower deck beneath the upper deck, conserving precious floor space. The ergonomics of the split level decks raise your monitor to the perfect line of sight, and keep your mouse and keyboard at the perfect height, encouraging a comfortable and correct posture. The sleek OneLess Desk is made from strong gauge steel and industrial-grade welding, and features a rear shelf to hide all your cables and peripherals, keeping the desk surface clear of clutter.

2. Custom Desk by SlabHaus. 

Purchasing a custom desk can ensure you are getting everything you wish. From size to shape to color you can choose whatever you would like to customize your space. This desk by SlabHaus is a perfect example of a custom modern design for a beautiful home in downtown phoenix. They even inlaid some turquoise that was found in Tucson into the desk.

Brandon Boetto, SlabHaus

3. Ikea Desk 

Working remotely has forced myself and my coworkers to create functional workspaces in our own homes. My desk is small and is up against the wall of my bedroom where my TV hangs and I have a foam roller and yoga mat stashed in the corner. It’s not ideal, but I have found that creating a space with a real desk, whether it be big or small, that I dedicate to work helps me be more productive rather than trying to work from the couch or my bed. My desk is a chap one from Ikea that gets the job done! 

Kayla Centeno, Markitors 

4. A Desk that Sparks Inspiration

My job requires me to spread out to look at blueprints, lay out fabric samples and paint swatches as well as analyze renderings, making it important to utilize every inch of my small desk. I keep it clean and tidy until there is a project to be worked on. An interior designer’s desk is where the magic happens before it ever gets to the home! I have invested in my desk because it is a piece that sparks inspiration that I don’t mind looking at everyday! 

Alisha Taylor, Alisha Taylor Interiors

5. Lap Desk

A few months ago I bought a little lap desk. The desk legs are about 12 inches fully extended, which makes the desk perfect for working on a couch or a bed. Since the desk is small and folds, it is also easy to store under the couch or in a closet. In a jam, it also works as a TV tray for enjoying a quick snack. I would highly recommend investing in a similar desk if you are in a small space or otherwise find yourself working from a sofa; it will protect your back and neck because you will hunch over less and have better posture. 

Michael Alexis, Teambuilding

6. Askholmen Foldable Table

If desperately short of space, try one of these handy Askholmen foldable tables from Ikea, that although built for the outside, are the perfect height for most sit down situations such as sofas, or even the end of the bed. Its not an ideal long term answer, but for those really struggling to find space, it could be an affordable and great quick fix that means you are relying on your laptop to rest unevenly on your legs, put strain on your back and eventually overheat your lap, while you look for a more permanent solution to fix your remote working woes.

Andrew Roderick, Credit Repair Companies

7. Grey Barn Sunny Banks Desk

Software desks come in various types and sizes and smaller desks that would not eat up any of the office room in your house. To optimize your storage room, search for convenient features such as portable computer desks with versatile features such as built-in shelving, overhead compartments and keyboard trays. A great feature of the Grey Barn Sunny Banks desk conveniently has a USB outlet to charge all of your electronics. If it is necessary for you to have a mobile workstation, consider a wheeled computer desk which can be conveniently transported or placed. Choose an ending complementing your home office decor.

Eliza Nimmich, Tutor the People

8. Stash Desk

The best small space desk is the Stash Desk by BlueDot. The Stash Desk draws on a familiar, elementary design with timeless appeal. It's made of solid wood with radius edges. It comes in two muted and two bold colorways, and has a minimal footprint of 42 x 24. You can stash it in almost any room and create an inspiring home workspace. My favorite part? The pencil drawer interior is painted the perfect hue of powder blue! I love that it offers something unexpected.

Arah Leslie, Arah Leslie Design

9. Brandywine Pull-Out Desk

This desk extends space even within the small bedrooms, dorm rooms, and apartments. This compact desk consists of two surfaces, one of which is disavowed and quickly pulls out from its “hiding place,” which offers a temporary workspace and place. When not in use, the upper surface stands alone as home decor. There’s also a drawer that keeps office supplies out of sight, and the space between the two tops provides clutter-free storage for laptops, tablets, books, and paperwork.

Julia Turner, Ring’s End

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8 Inspiring Small Hotel Designs

8 Inspiring Small Hotel Designs

Just because a hotel is small does not mean it can’t stand out among its competitors. In fact, many small hotels take advantage of their size to create unique designs and layouts that attract travelers from all over the world. 

Take a look at the following gallery of some of the most inspiring small hotel designs, submitted by a pool of thought leaders.

1. Lake Rabun Hotel

Since we are a nature inspired hotel, we have chosen to incorporate items that come directly from our Appalachia mountains and lake environment. We’ve relied on local craftsmen to create large stone fireplaces and waterfalls as well as hand crafted furnishings. In our public rooms are chairs, sofas and tables made of mountain laurel, rhododendron and locust logs. Our room signs are quirky with twig lettering. in our private rooms, you’ll find tree bark and mountain laurel headboards and sinks made of cedar tree trunk bases and locust slabs, all of this helps us create a natural ambiance that invites our guests to enjoy their ‘Back to Nature” time in a comfortable and creatively inspiring way.

Gwen North, Lake Rabun Hotel

2. Arrive Hotel

 Arrive Hotel in Phoenix is opening in Q4 2020 and is designed by Chris Pardo. The newest addition to uptown Phoenix is its first-ever neighborhood hotel: ARRIVE. The Los Angeles-based hotel company is scheduled to open this fall, inside the restored twin towers at Camelback Road and 4th Avenue (400 W. Camelback). The hotel will feature 79 rooms, and a number of unique local offerings – from coffee to drinks by the pool to popsicles. It aims to bring an experience to uptown Phoenix that is for locals, by locals. 

3. The Ace Hotel 

The Ace Hotel and Swim Club is a hotel, spa and resort located in Palm Springs, CA. It's on the grounds of a renovated mid-century modern motel, at the foot of the San Jacinto Mountains and within walking distance of downtown. The design is organic and bohemian. Some rooms have a garden patio and some have a fireplace.

4. Andaz Hotel

Andaz properties are vibrant boutique hotels and resorts that act as social anchors in their communities. Located in prime locations, they weave the sights, sounds and tastes of their surroundings to create a truly immersive stay.

Brandon Boetto, SlabHaus

5. Modular Hotels

One of our clients finances modular hotel construction projects. What I find unique about modular construction is that each hotel is able to be completed in less time. When my hometown of Santa Rosa, California experienced the Tubbs Fire of 2017, we lost a lot of hotels. With modular construction, there’s a solution that allows our city to rebuild more efficiently from both a time and cost savings. If we’re talking about rebuilding my hometown, nothing is more inspiring than doing that in an efficient way. 

Brett Farmiloe, Hotel SEO Company

6. The Camby, Autograph Collection

I am a huge fan of anything from the Autograph Collection but I especially love the Camby. It is modern, quirky, and a really fun place to stay. The decor has a bunch of elements that you are just not going to find in a normal hotel chain. The lobby is bright and welcoming while the hotel lounge is dark and perfect for relaxing.

Lukas Ruebbelke, Briebug

7. Hotel Valley Ho

I love the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale for the design and laid back comforts of time spent on the property and specifically in the room. The area is not cramped, and has details and a special feeling of relaxation in a resort setting.

Nykki Stenger, Insperity

8. Hotel Deux Gares

The boutique Parisian Hotel Deux Gares is designed by English designer, Luke Edward Hall. It’s fun colors, patterns and Parisian avant garde furniture is steeped in history. Luke designed the artwork and furniture as well as the interiors for the whole hotel as well as the café. Although small in size, when it opens in Autumn 2020, this hotel will be sure to make a huge mark in boutique hospitality interior design.

Caitlyn Davidian, Home Life Digest

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6 Best Home Office Spaces

6 Best Home Office Spaces

Office cubicles and workstations across the world have largely been vacated in favor of at-home workspaces. As we settle into the work from home lifestyle, a little inspiration can go a long way. 

Many professionals are getting creative with home office setups and we wanted a peek into those backgrounds we see during video calls.  

Browse this gallery of at-home office spaces from a panel of small business leaders. 

Safe Space

Hannah Duncan, Best Companies Arizona



JJ Hepp, Arrow Lift



Candi Luciano, Y Scouts



Alex Pesic, InvoiceQuick

No Such Thing As Too Many Screens

No Such Thing as Too Many Screens

Jonathan Slain,

Who Doesn’t Love a Good View?

Who Doesn't Love A Good View?

Stacy Caprio, Accelerated Growth Marketing

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