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  • 7 Simple Basement Remodel Ideas
  • Post author
    Brandon Boetto

7 Simple Basement Remodel Ideas

7 Simple Basement Remodel Ideas

What is one simple way to remodel a basement?

To help you find simple ways to remodel your basement, we asked design experts and business leaders this question for their best remodeling tips. From keeping your spaces bright and open to focusing on flooring, there are several tips that may help you in your remodeling efforts!

Here are seven simple ways to remodel a basement: 

  • Keep It Bright & Open
  • Install A Stair Lift
  • Construct A Home Bar
  • Conduct Rain Testing 
  • Insulate With Spray Foam
  • Build A Man Cave
  • Upgrade The Flooring

Keep It Bright & Open 

Basements get a bad reputation for being small, dark, and crowded. There are ways to combat this from a design standpoint! When moving forward with a remodel, aim to use bright, neutral colors to brighten up the space in a basement design. Lighting is a must as well! Invest in canned lighting on the ceiling and lamps and sconces where you see fit. If the floorplan feels crowded and small, knock down some walls to create an open concept and allow for it to feel like a bigger space. If you feel overwhelmed about your basement remodel, consult the help of an interior designer. 

Alisha Taylor, Alisha Taylor Interiors

Install A Stair Lift 

For homeowners with accessibility challenges, one item to include in a basement remodel is a stair lift. With the installation of a stair lift, a homeowner can regain easy access to their basement. There can sometimes be more variables to consider with basement stairways, like a doorway at the top or a hallway at the bottom landing. But, whether your layout has a straight or curving staircase, there’s typically a way to install a stair lift to enjoy a remodeled basement fully. 

Andy Newstrom, Arrow Lift

Construct A Home Bar

I would suggest remodeling your basement into a home bar. What’s more fun than having a convenient watering hole in the basement? You have full control of everything, from the guests, the bartending, music, and entertainment to the last call for drinks. The cost of a home bar will mostly depend on what kind of bar you want and what route you’ll take to get there.

You can hire a professional contractor to build the bar for you. Additionally, you can purchase a manufactured bar unit which costs over $2000 for a simple bar unit and up to $10,000 for high-end models. Lastly, you can elect to start a DIY home bar project.

Loren Quimbo, Advanced Mixology

Conduct Rain Testing

Before you start spending any money finishing the basement, you want to make sure you have the right set up to keep water out. If you have a home built after the 1970s, then the odds are that you have an existing drain tile system installed in the basement. If you have been living in the property for a while, you should be paying attention to what happens during heavy rains to know of any issues that need to be addressed. You can also do a hose test on the property to locate any possible intrusion points.

Be sure to choose a moisture-resistant flooring product for your basement. We like to use a rubber-backed luxury vinyl plank for our basement remodels as they are durable and easy to install.

Bill Samuel, Blue Ladder Development

Insulate With Spray Foam 

One of the most important aspects of a finished, remodeled basement is proper insulation. There are a few different insulation methods available, but spray foam is an easy way to ensure that not only is your basement properly protected from unwanted moisture and outdoor weather conditions, but also that any small crevices in the room are filled. Before you begin spraying your foam insulation, lay down some protective plastic to prevent the foam from creating unnecessary messes during the process. Once your insulation is installed, you can complete the project with new walls and a fresh coat of paint.

Than Merrill, Fortune Builders

Build A Man Cave 

A great option for a basement is always adding a ‘man cave’ or hang-out room. By adding a bar, some nice leather furniture, and an entertainment center, you can make it a cool spot to hang out with company. 

Loren Howard, Prime Plus Mortgages

Upgrade The Flooring

Adding laminate or vinyl wood flooring is a simple way to remodel your basement. The floor takes up a large visual space, so upgrading it makes a big impact in making the basement feel finished. What’s nice about this remodel is that you can DIY the project, making it more affordable.

Andra DelMonico, Trendey

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  • Post author
    Brandon Boetto