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Deaden Table

  • white concrete coffee table
  • white concrete coffee table
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John Stark


Deaden Concrete Coffee Table

The versatility of concrete has led to its appearance in numerous non-traditional formats such as furniture, sculpture and art. Seems we're always placing drinks on our coffee table, which leaves watermarks over time. We eat more meals than we'd like to admit there, which leaves it messy sometimes. And we work at it often, meaning food and drink are never far from the coffee table's surface. This has left our painted wood table a little worn. What would hold up to our excessive use? Concrete! With a 5,000 year old petrified wood inlay Deaden will take you back to the whimsical time of dragons and knights, where people named Brandon ruled the world. Ok maybe that's a bit far fetched but you will be intrigued by the swirling patterns in the wood laid against the vibrant white concrete table top. The perfect conversation starter with the random stranger you brought home from the bar. The industrial pipes were built to last forever and add a touch of . Built to any size and any spec we can create the perfect concrete coffee table for any size space. Email us about how we can help with your next concrete coffee table project. Say hello to your forever table.