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Match 31 Lamp

  • match 31 concrete lamp
  • match 31 concrete lamp
  • match 31 concrete lamp
  • modern concrete lamp
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Match 31 Concrete Lamp

The Match 31 Concrete Lamp was an exploration of tight tolerance levels & contrasting texture. The inlaid steel rod give this piece a modern flare that will fit will in industrial spaces. Every piece of this lamp was handmade and built with the light pattern in mind. The bright white glow of the LED panel give off great light in a vertical direction. Each LED has been sunk into a piece maple that is less then 1" thick. Many of us think of concrete only as something we can walk on, drive on or build foundations with—not as a material we can lounge on, eat off of, use to display books and knickknacks, or fashion into furniture for a conference room or home office.