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Where do you gather inspiration?

I often get asked the question "where did you find the inspiration for that piece?". While every concrete artisan will take a different approach I always start by looking at the surrounding space. Whether it is a sink or table I will want to get a good understanding of the atmosphere around the piece. Being a great concrete artisan doesn't mean that you can make a great piece of concrete, it means that your piece has been well thought out and it flows well with its surrounding. While the client does have final say on every project, I am glad to know that I have the capability of bringing great design knowledge to the table and being able to offer a different experience from most studios.

I gather a great deal of inspiration from the most unlikely places. For instance when I am riding my bike in the morning to grab a cup of coffee I am always staring at the buildings buzzing by me. I notice the trim, colors, overall architecture and pull pieces that may interest me. I'll grab a snap shot with my phone so I can keep a folder of inspiration easily accessible. I jump into my photos when I get a project to get some ideas of what might work so I can use that as a starting point to create something on a higher level. Never copy an idea that has already been done. What's the fun in that?

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