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Concrete Countertops

Concrete Countertops by SlabHaus

Concrete countertops are rapidly gaining steam in the custom kitchen world. The possibility of finishes and design opportunities for concrete countertops are truly endless. Even the feel of a concrete countertop is a unique experience. Concrete countertops are the hottest trend in countertops today. Designers and homeowners are seeking qualified countertop makers to create beautiful, high-end custom concrete countertops for them. We are able to create a functional design that will work specifically for your space. Along with the rest of our products our countertops are eco-friendly and food safe. The use of stains, dyes, pigments, decorative aggregates can give concrete countertops the look, texture, and feel comparable to that of quarried stone such as marble, granite, and limestone but with the ability to be endlessly customized. Custom concrete countertops offer tremendous advantages that can help differentiate your household or company. We offer an unlimited range of styles and colors to satisfy any client. A good artist understands that concrete countertops, fireplaces, sinks, tubs, furniture and other concrete elements should meet the same basic quality standards that these same elements meet when created from other materials. Let us help advise you on your next project.

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